Packet Tracer – Troubleshooting a VLAN Implementation – Scenario 2

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Packet Tracer – Troubleshooting a VLAN Implementation Scenario 2 (Answer Version)

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Topology Packet Tracer – Troubleshooting a VLAN Implementation – Scenario 2 Packet Tracer – Troubleshooting a VLAN Implementation – Scenario 2

Addressing Table

Device Interface IPv4 Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway
S1 VLAN 56 N/A
S2 VLAN 56 N/A
S3 VLAN 56 N/A

VLAN and Port Assignments

Ports VLAN Number – Name Network
F0/1 – F0/5 VLAN 56 – Management&Native
F0/6 – F0/10 VLAN 30 – Guest(Default)
F0/11 – F0/17 VLAN 10 – Faculty/Staff
F0/18 – F0/24 VLAN 20 – Students


Part 1: Find and Correct the Network Errors

Part 2: Document the Corrections to the Network

Part 3: Implement Solutions and Test Connectivity


In this activity, you will troubleshoot a misconfigured VLAN environment. The initial network has errors. Your objective is to locate and correct the errors in the configurations and establish end-to-end connectivity. Your final configuration should match the Topology diagram and Addressing Table. The native VLAN for this topology is VLAN 56.

Part 1: Discover and Document Issues in the Network

Use the Topology, Addressing Table, VLAN and Port Assignments table and your knowledge of VLANs and trunking to discover issues in the network. Complete the Documentation table listing the problems you discovered and potential solutions.


Problems Solutions
S2 G0/1 is configured as an access port instead of a trunk port Implement switchport mode trunk command
S1 is not configured with any VLANs, just trunks. Use the necessary commands on S1 to configure the VLANs and set the native VLAN on the trunks.
S3 ports are not assigned to a VLAN Implement switchport access vlan # command based the Port Assignments table
There is a native VLAN mismatch Configure the trunk ports on S1 in native VLAN 56.

Part 2: Implement the Solution and Test Connectivity

Verify PCs on the same VLAN can now ping each other. If not, continue to troubleshoot.

Suggested Scoring Rubric

Packet Tracer scores 70 points. Documentation in Part 2, Step 3 is worth 30 points.

conf t
vlan 56
name Management&Native
vlan 30
name Guest(Default)
vlan 10
name Faculty/Staff
vlan 20
name Students
int range g0/1 - 2
switchport trunk native vlan 56
conf t
int g0/1
switchport mode trunk
conf t
int range fa0/1 - 5
switchport access vlan 56
int range fa0/6 - 10
switchport access vlan 30
int range fa0/11 - 17
switchport access vlan 10
int range fa0/18 - 24
switchport access vlan 20